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Jen Arrives In Colorado

Scone Equine Hospital - Thursday, March 29, 2018
Jen Arrives In Colorado

At Scone Equine Group, we love giving people the opportunity to grow within our clinic.

Dr Jen Clulow from TEVC was recently given the chance to join Colorado State University for a 3 month stint as a Theriogenologist and Staff Veterinarian in the Equine Reproduction Laboratory. During Jen’s stay, she will be working mainly in the mare service of the laboratory, supervising 2 equine Theriogenology residents and teaching Veterinary students on their clinical rotations. Jen will also have the opportunity to gain further knowledge and skills in artificial reproductive technologies such as ICSI, Embryo Vitrification and oocyte aspiration to bring back for the 2018 season. We hope she has a wonderful few months and look forward to seeing her back on deck in a few months.