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Survey Radiography

Tamworth Equine Veterinary Centre provides survey radiographs of weanlings/yearlings for our Thoroughbred clients through our association with Scone Equine Hospital.

These radiographic studies are usually performed in July / August / September preceding the major yearling sales from January of the following year.

Early detection of radiographic abnormalities (lesions), such as Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD), bone chip fractures and subchondral bone cystic lesions, can allow surgical intervention, medical treatment or management changes to be adopted to help treat or resolve these lesions. Recognition of lesions, that often are not clinically apparent and early treatment can be of major benefit to the patient and can have a huge impact at the yearling sale.

Our experience and knowledge of the young, developing Thoroughbred racehorse allows us to provide accurate advice and undertake appropriate surgery if this is required.

Detailed written reports on the radiographic findings and recommendations for treatment are provided for the stud manager and owner to ensure optimal management of the horse during its growth and yearling preparation.

Radiographic “flexed lateral to medial view” of a normal fetlock. Image quality and accurate positioning greatly enhances the radiograph and facilitates identification of “lesions”.



Lateral to medial radiographic view showing an osteochondral "bone chip" off the proximodorsal aspect of a hind fetlock (arrow).

This type of "bone chip" is frequently seen in young horses without any clinical signs but overtime damage would occur to the articular cartilage in the joint leading to joint swelling and lameness. Early recognition allows surgical removal with "low risk" for sale and racing.