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Broodmare Sales

TEVC Veterinarians undertake private sale Broodmare examinations for prospective purchasers.

Scone Equine Group veterinarians regularly attend all of the major Thoroughbred broodmare sales in Australia to provide advice for our clients and the purchasers of broodmares.

All SEG veterinarians follow the standard examination format of Equine Veterinarians Australia to provide a Veterinary Report on Broodmare for Sale. This examination allows the veterinarian to assess the mare’s reproductive organs and associated structures and to report on any abnormalities or conditions discovered.

The extent that the various reproductive structures are able to be assessed will depend on the stage of the mare’s reproductive cycle and if pregnant, the stage of the pregnancy. The veterinarian’s report will detail these matters.

Many purchasers also require that veterinarians assess the general health of the broodmare and require other specific examinations such as feet, eyes and mouth. As with any pre-purchase examination, horses are individuals and each buyer’s expectations are different. For this reason, it is very important that there is clear communication between the purchaser and the veterinarian so that the veterinarian can tailor their examination to match the purchaser’s requirements.