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Weanling and Yearling Sales

TEVC veterinarians undertake private sale examinations of weanlings and yearlings of all breeds for prospective purchasers.

Scone Equine Group veterinarians regularly attend all of the major Thoroughbred yearling sales in eastern Australia to provide advice for our clients and the purchasers of yearlings.

Due to the age and education of weanlings and yearlings and the facilities available at sale venues, the ability of the veterinarian to perform a thorough clinical examination of the horse for sale at public auction is often limited.

For this reason, it is important that the purchaser and the veterinarian have clear communication about the purchaser’s requirements and what is possible during the examination. Most purchasers have an ongoing relationship with their appointed veterinarian and their individual requirements for both the horse and the examination are usually established prior to the sale.

There are 4 potential components to an examination of weanlings or yearling for sale at public auction, although not all components are undertaken on every horse. These include:

  • Conformational examination
  • Clinical Examination
  • Pre-sale endoscopic examination of the laryngopharynx
  • Interpretation of Repository Radiographs

Call us to discuss your requirements for the pre-purchase examination of Weanlings and Yearlings.